History of Auto Glass University

bob teaching02The curriculum for Auto Glass University was developed by Bob Beranek, the president of Automotive Glass Consultants (AGC).   Bob began AGC in 1992 to create standardized hands-on training for glass technicians, to research issues related to auto glass replacement and to promote excellence in our industry.  See www.autoglassconsultants.com for more information.

Eighteen years after launching AGC, Bob drew on his training experience, the knowledge gained through decades spent as a shop owner and installer to develop and launch Auto Glass University.com (AGU). The original AGU was created as an online training course that could give skilled installers the knowledge to become certified as a technician.

The site, with course modules to facilitate successful completion of industry certification testing, debuted in 2010 is still online today. See www.autoglassuniversity.com for more information.

complete guide to auto glass installationOf course, to learn proper auto glass installation as a beginner, you need more than an online course.  Bob and his wife, Ann Schuelke, decided to write a textbook that could be used by anyone to teach proper auto glass installation.  After further research to verify facts and beta test information included in the manuscript, on August 30, 2011, The Complete Guide to Auto Glass Installation – A Textbook was published.

Eric Asbery of Equalizer Industries reached out in 2013 to offer their location as the national campus for Auto Glass University Hands-On.  Using AGU's curriculum and "The Complete Guide to Auto Glass Installation" as a study guide, Equalizer provided resources necessary to get a "hands-on" school up and running, agreeing that the curriculum would be unbiased.   In recognition for their assistance in getting AGU off the ground, the class was designated as "Powered by Equalizer" at the outset.  Auto Glass University's first class debuted in June 2013 and AGU continues to utilize the Equalizer facility in Round Rock, TX for some classes.

ann schuelkeAuto Glass University has always been independently owned by Bob Beranek and his wife, Ann Schuelke.  Since its inception, AGU has grown, with campuses today in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Los Angeles, the Twin Cities, Providence, and our original campus in Round Rock.  AGU offers a state-of-the-art school that offers an unbiased "hands-on" program, designed to give students the kind of attention necessary to succeed.  Auto Glass University programs can also be customized and held at your business location.

AGU offers a comprehensive overview of the auto glass industry with a hands-on experience that let’s new people "do" and not just be shown. The classes are limited to fifteen students to make sure everyone gets the attention they need.   AGU instructors teach a program that is unique, success-tested and provides industry certification for entrepreneurs and others new to the industry.   The website for the hands-on school is www.autoglassuniversity.org.    Please see the "Course Options" tab to learn more about the programs we provide.