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How To Become A Certified AGU Instructor

get involvedAuto Glass University instructors are special people. They must bring to the table not only their installation skills; they also must be trainers who are personable, with the ability to do group presentations. You know who you are. They deliver fact checked knowledge without deviation. However, they also bring their learned opinions and stories to enhance learning—but isn’t that what teachers are supposed to bring to the training experience?

  • Prerequisite Qualifications
    • Auto glass installation experience
    • Presentation skills (training experience nice, but not required)
    • A curious student of the industry
    • Certified by an industry entity
      • AGSC
      • AGC
      • IGA
      • Adhesive
  • Steps to Qualification
    • Attain an AGU diploma
    • Present at least one subject module in the classroom setting
    • Assist in hands-on instruction portion of a class
    • Pass instructors final exam

Become A Host

Our Auto Glass University hosts are dedicated industry citizens who want to give back to the industry, while associating with the leading auto glass installation training course in the country. Our hosts are the best in what they do and want to make sure that the quality procedures they practice are passed along to entrepreneurs and future technicians.

An ideal Auto Glass University host location:

  • Is easily accessible by ground, rail or air (Airport hub preferred)
  • Has a meeting room that can handle 15-20 persons comfortably with room for side tables
  • Has an indoor facility that can accommodate three vehicles at a time for the hands-on portion of the class
  • Has a representative on-site to assist with internal facility access and coordination of the class
  • Has access to local, comfortable accommodations (restaurants and hotels) for a reasonable price

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