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Glass Reconditioners was founded in 2008 by Erin & Nathasja Taylor, a husband and wife team from Northville, Michigan.

Our company started as a windshield repair only service, with an emphasis on servicing commercial fleets.  With our focus on safety and quality first, we have serviced thousands of windshields, since.

In 2015 we branched out and decided to offer windshield replacement services to our customers. Because of the combination of our passion for what we do and the dedication we have to quality and customer service, we have grown into a local favorite and very well-respected company within our service region. 

We believe in supporting the industry in which we operate, and by being able to host Auto Glass University we are proud to be a small part of this superb training program and the auto glass industry as a whole.

Glass Reconditioners, LLC.
15087 Northville, Road
Plymouth, MI 48170


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